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So a group of RPG mappers got together and thought it would be cool to chat and exchange ideas. this lead to us putting together a little challenge of sorts: build a three level dungeon using the dungeon design philosophy based on the work of Jenell Jaquay around the title "the Crypt of the Doomed Warrior"

this is what I came up with

more info and links to the other mappers can be found on my Patreon


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crypt of the doomed warrior.pdf 3 MB


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To save others the time and effort of hunting down the relevant Patreon post:

I would have liked to be able to read or hear more about the thinking/process behind this project.

Is it directly inspired by The Alexandrian's  Jaquaying the Dungeon articles or something else?

oops! i hadn't realized I flubbed the link!  thanks for that, I'll fix it in the description.

we definitely used The Alexandrian's articles as a discussion point, but it was more of an organic inspiration after several of us started waxing poetic over Jennell'sgenius when it came to mapping and adventure design while in chat.

another really great resource about Jennell's dungeon design is Bad Wrong Fun's Thursday's in Thracia posts

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Thanks for your reply.

Appreciate that additional link.

I'm thinking I can use these resources to design Adalantan Ruins for my upcoming Pirates & Dragons campaign!