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this is a beta release with no proofreading or art. I've rushed release so that people have something to do during the pandemic if they wish.  if you notice any mistakes or have any comments feel free to contact me!

Greetings new Trans - Dimensional Gardening Guild Employee! You have taken on a great and important new vocation! Across every dimension and upon every world there are special gardens that harbor the most important elements of life as we know it – wonder, imagination and magic! And it is now YOUR job to nurture and maintain these gardens!

Thanks to our wonderful (and proprietary) TDGG technology every quarter you will be transported to a wondrous new garden to spend you time in the regular maintenance and upkeep tasks necessary for its existence and continued flourishing. And should it be necessary you will handle any emergency tasks that may arise, but if you and your predecessors do your jobs properly these events should be rare and more than easy to handle. You will also, from time to time, be required to escort various dignitaries on guided tours and ensure the safety of the garden from … sticky fingers, to put it delicately. Due to the importance of your job and the fragility of the garden you will be unable to leave it, but do not worry; the garden will take care of you and supply you with everything you should need to survive your quarter of caring for it in comfort.

Unfortunately due to the fragility of most life forms, and the volatility of trans - dimensional travel, you will only be able to stay in one dimension for one quarter at a time (although you will be able to return after a short absence) so it is VITAL that you read the logs of your predecessors and leave detailed logs for those who follow in your footsteps.

Good Luck, and Most Importantly, HAVE FUN!


The TDGG is muti-single-player round robin style game, roughly based off of Takuma Okada's amazing “Alone Among the Stars” Each player will start off in their own dimension on their own world in their own garden. (Each dimension can have multiple worlds, but each world can only have one special garden.) Each player will play through their quarter within their garden and once they are finished writing their log they will trade with another player, who will read the previous log entries, then play their own quarter, building upon the previous lore already created to build an even deeper and more imaginative garden. This will continue through several players until everybody agrees that the Garden's story is complete. Or the game could be played more like a chain letter, where one person starts a garden and sends it off to another person, who plays a season, then sends it off to another and etc. until the garden eventually finds its way home to its originator. This game can even be a single player round robin, where one player creates multiple gardens and plays though them in succession before deciding each one is complete. I'm sure there are many other different ways that you can imagine playing this game, as long as you and your friends are having fun, I encourage you to experiment and have fun!

I will be giving you a basic Inspiration Guide (Tables A & B1-3) here, but I encourage people the hack to their hearts content, mix up the type or number of cards, or the type or number of dice, perhaps different types of cards for different dimensions, and different types of dice for each world. The sky is the limit! All I ask is that everyone release content for this game as CC:BY-SA so that it is accessible to everyone who wants to play. (also If you are planning to use several Inspiration methods, to make sure that everyone within your group has access to the same types of tools for consistency's sake)

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