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a pamphlet dungeon for the Pamphlet Dungeon Jam


Two ways to start this adventure:


     The locals first noticed them when certain items began to go missing, replaced by small piles of  random valuables, presumably in payment.  Unfortunately the Segalon were terrible at estimating worth, and they often left payment that was either far too little or far too great.  The locals accepted this with mild bemusement, and redistributed the payment as necessary, and many began leaving items outside for the mysterious customers with “free” signs or clearly labeled prices.
     This went on for some time before one day the Smith's second best anvil went missing.  The payment left we more than enough to replace it, but it would be necessary to travel several weeks to procure one, and it was beginning to approach the busy time of year.  Some children from the area reported seeing monsters carrying it off to a nearby cave system, and you have been hired to go and retrieve the anvil for the smith.


     Many are the rumors of the tomb of Sir Gerald the Gnarly. He was an infamous knight of his time and was reported to have stolen countless riches in his conquests and was buried with them upon his untimely death.  It is also rumored that this unscrupulous knight had his tomb hidden and trapped to keep the treasure all to himself, even in death.
     After many years of tracking rumors and myths, you think you have finally found the correct spot, and indeed you have discovered a hidden entrance to  large burial mound within the dark forest.  You can almost taste the riches that will soon be yours.

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